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AGM 2015 Business Meeting Minutes Now Available

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Atlantic Vegetation Management Association
Annual General Business Meeting
Delta Halifax Hotel, Halifax, N.S.
September 22nd, 2015

Meeting Minutes

There were 20 members in attendance at the meeting which constituted a quorum thus meeting called to order by the President, Craig Parsons.

1. Review of Proposed Agenda

Michael Cunningham wised to add the results of the Tick Survey conducted by Dr. Vett Lloyd of Mount Alison University in “Other Business”.

Motion to accept the agenda was proposed by Tyler Groeneveld, seconded by Rick Doucett and the motion was carried.

2. Reading of Minutes from St. John, NB

Michael Cunningham, Secretary, read the Minutes of the Business Meeting held on October 17th, 2014 in St. John, NB.

Motion to accept the Minutes as read was proposed by Rob Thomson and seconded by James Urbanowski. The Motion carried.

3. New Business Arising From the Reading of the Truro Minutes

No new business was noted from the reading of the Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report

Michael Cunningham presented the report on behalf of Mike Boucher, Treasurer, who could not attend the meeting. Michael pointed out that Mike Boucher followed the request made at last year’s meeting to change the presentation style of the report. All agreed the new format worked well. There were no questions from the floor concerning the report.

The motion to accept the report was proposed by Jim Urbanowski and seconded by Shawn Hingley. The Motion was carried.

5. Decision on site for 2016

The group debated on location for the 2016 AGM and Business Meeting. The rotation means Newfoundland and Labrador are next up. The group decided St. John’s is the logical place.

There were some discussions on what to do for a field trip. Deneen Cull of NL Hydro would look into works presently being done concerning the new Muskrat Falls construction and the new power line and DC/AC switching station being built outside of St. John’s.

The requests from the floor were to have the meeting later in the month of October if possible and not be too close to Thanksgiving Day Monday. A Wednesday evening, Thursday, Friday until noon was preferred. There were also requests to look into playing golf if possible.

Motion to have the 2016 Meeting in St. John’s was proposed by Deneen Cull, seconded by Rob Thomson. The Motion was carried.

Decision on Hotels would be left to the organizing committee.

6. Nomination Committee Report

Matt Tucker, Chair of the Committee was not present at the meeting.

Tyler Groeneveld expressed his wishes to leave the Executive Committee.

There were two nominations from the floor:

Tyler Groeneveld nominated Rick Doucette as 2nd year director. Rick accepted the nomination.

Craig Parsons nominated Justin Toner as 1st year director. Tyler accepted the nomination.

There were no further nominations from the floor.

The proposed slate was proposed by Craig Parsons:

Martin Noël – President
Craig Parsons – Past-President
Peter Keddy – Vice-President
Rob Thomson – 3rd year Director
Rick Doucett – 2nd year Director
Justin Toner – 1st year Director

Michael Cunningham, Secretary and Michael Boucher, Treasurer, still had one more year on their two year term of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

7. Election of 2014/2015 Executive

The Motion to accept slate was proposed by Craig Parsons, seconded by Andrew Chase. The motion was carried.

8. Other Business

Tick Survey/Lyme Disease Test Results

Michael Cunningham had some preliminary blood survey results from Dr. Vett Lloyd of Mount A. Dr. Lloyd tested a number of AVMA members at the 2014 meeting as part of her Lyme Disease Research. Dr. Lloyd was surprised to find 2 out of the 27 tested did show positive results of having the Lyme anti-bodies in their system.

These two have been informed and were looking into meeting with their own family physician.

Dr. Lloyd did express interest to return in 5 years a retest the AVAM members again as part of her research.

9. Meeting Close

Matt Tucker asked for a motion to close the Meeting. Motion was proposed by Tyler Groeneveld and seconded by Dave Jollymore. The motion was carried.

To download the minutes please click here:

Business Meeting Minutes_Halifax_2015

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