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AVMA 2009 AGM Minutes Released

10 February 2010 2,556 views No Comment

The 2009 AVMA AGM was a huge success and a special thanks goes out to the Micheal Cunningham for organizing this event. Below are the minutes with a download link at the bottom.

Also remember to register for the 2010 AGM in Halifax. Please click here for details.

Atlantic Vegetation Management Association

2009 Annual Business Meeting

Greenwood Inn and Suites

Corner Brook, NL

October 23rd, 2009


26 members present in the room making a quorum as per the AVMA Constitution

Opening Remarks – Michael Cunningham

Appointing of Secretary for the meeting – David Jollymore accepted and was approved by membership at the meeting.

1.   Reading of the 2008 Minutes

– Members concerned that the 2008 executive did not have any meetings in 2008.

– Website created for AVMA

Motion to accept:  Forwarded by Michael Cunningham.  2nd Rob Young.  All accepted.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Mike Boucher

(see 2009 AVMA income statement)

–                             $6,130.32 total revenue

–                             $13,390.51 in expenses

–                             $9,027.80 opening balance

–                             $1,767.61 in the bank (as of Oct 19)

–                             $5,046.52 in GIC due in March (AVMA $11,814.13)

–                             $6,814.13 total

–                             we paid $5000 for ECVMA conference

–                             2010 has separate bank account ($11,000 in account)

  • $1000 in sponsorship
  • $5000 from Ontario
  • $5000 from Quebec

– we need to see who has not renewed their membership and get in touch with them and/or send a bill.

Motion to accept the report: Forwarded and Accepted

  1. No New Business Items
  2. Selection of 2010 AVMA Committee (Mike Cunningham to act as Chair)

Proposed slate of candidates:

Michael Cunningham- President

Dave Brown- Vice President

Mike Boucher- Treasurer

David Jollymore- Secretary

Joe Caulder- 3rd Year Director

Glen Thistle- 2nd Year Director

Rob Thomson- 1st Year Director

–    Motion to Remove Shawn Hingley from AVMA Committee as he has very little to do with AVMA.

–    Motion to create a new position for 2010 only – Conference Chairperson – Rob Young nominated to fill this role for 2010 only.

Motion to accept slate as read.  Forwarded by Michael Cunningham.  2nd Rick Doucett. Motion passed.

  1. Location of 2010 AVMA Meeting

–    there will be a 2010 AVMA Business Meeting held during the 2010 Eastern Vegetation Management Conference in Halifax.

Special thanks went out to Michael Cunningham for pulling together the 2009 Conference.

Motion to end Meeting.  Forwarded by Rob Young.  2nd David Jollymore.  All accepted.


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