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2008 AVMA Business Meeting Minutes – DRAFT COPY

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This is a draft copy to be finalized at AGM 2009

AVMA Business Meeting
Delta Barrington Hotel, Halifax NS
October 10th, 2008

20 members present in the room making a quorum as per the AVMA Constitution
Meeting started at 12 noon.

Opening Remarks – Howard Wellman AVMA Past-President

Howard Wellman also reported that the 2008 Randy Ralph Memorial Silent Auction raised nearly $1000 for Children’s Wish Foundation

1. Agenda for the meeting was distributed.

Motion to accept the agenda:
Forwarded by David Brown, 2nd Rick Doucette. Motion Passed

2. Reading of the minutes from 2008 Meeting

Motion that the minutes not be read aloud:
Forwarded by Michael Cunningham, 2nd Robert Young. Motion passed

3. No new business arising from the minutes from the 2007 Meeting

4. Treasurer’s Report

Mike Boucher was unable to attend this years meeting. MB send a table indicating the finances of AVAM.
• There is approx. $15, 887.80 in the back prior to this years meeting.
• The cost of this years meeting is approx. $5200 including $557 for the Keith’s Brewery Tour and $60 misc. expenses.

Michael Cunningham raised the issue of putting $10,000 into a GIC

There are still no monies in from the other associations for the meeting in 2010. A separate bank account will be set up to deal with that conference.

Motion to accept the Treasure’s report and place $10,000 into a GIC:
Forwarded by Joe Caulder, 2nd David Brown. Motion Passed (1 abstained from voting)

5. Activities Report:

Andrew Chase gave a quick overview on what has been happening with AVMA over the past year. Most work involved planning the 2008 meeting.

Michael Cunningham also noted that he had presented at the OVMA conference earlier this year about the upcoming 2010 meetings. He is expecting about 70 people to attend the 2010 conference from OVMA.

6 & 7. Nomination Committee Report and Election of 2009/10 Executive:
Prior to the conference Shawn Hingley has been named vice-president after the passing of Randy Ralph.

Proposed slate of candidates:
President Shawn Hingley
Past-President Andrew Chase
Vice-President David Brown
3rd year director Michael Cunningham
2nd year director Joe Caulder
1st year director David Jollymore
Treasurer Mike Boucher
Secretary Vicki Simms

Motion to accept the slate as read:
Forwarded by Michael Cunningham, 2nd Vicki Simms. Motion passed.

Michael Cunnigham proposed that Andrew Chase continue the meeting for Shawn Hingley. Joe Caulder seconds. All approve, motion passes.

8. Location of 2009 AGM

• At the 2005 meeting, it was voted in that the 2009 AGM would take place in NL.
• Discussion took place over whether it should be held in Corner Brook or St. John’s. After much discussion it was decided that Corner Brook would hold the next AGM, mostly due to more industry activity taking place on the west coast of NL
• Since Andrew Chase is now Past President he is the coordinator of the 2009 AGM. Howard Wellman, Vicki Simms and Jason Pond will work form the NL side.
• Robert Young noted (for Tracy Currie) that the dates should not fall on a holiday weekend as they had this year. Try for the 3rd week in October to host the conference.

Motion to accept Corner Brook as the 2009 AGM location
Forwarded by Michael Cunningham, 2nd Dave Brown. Motion accepted (1 opposed).
Howard Wellman abstained from voting.

9. Other Business

Michael Cunningham gave an update planning for 2010.
• Michael Cunningham and Robert Young are still looking for a hotel to hold the conference. 4 Points Sheraton is on the short list and they will be looking at the Marriott
• Hotels are booking up fast in Halifax for meetings in 2010.
• Price range for a hotel is about $179 per night.
• Expecting about 200 people for this meeting
• Letters will soon be sent out asking for approx $5000 from Ontario and Quebec to help pay for the conference. All profits will be kept by AVMA.
• Letters asking for donations will be sent out soon
• Meeting theme is “Interface”
• Work has started on the field site. Quinton Jackman is the rep for the field site. Letters will be sent to industry asking if they would like to have any land for demonstrations.

No other business

10. Meeting Close

Motion to end the meeting
Forwarded by Roy Young, 2nd Michael Cunningham. All accepted.

Meeting ended at 12:55 pm

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